Friday, December 17, 2010


The sun is shining brightly on the sky
and the moon looks so beautiful even it was far
eventhough you can't get all the meaning of this song
just hear this song and sing it all along

Put your trust to your friends in your heart and you'll never fall
just think about them and you'll never be alone
so don't let go of my hand if you want to know
so come on..

Dear friend,hear to what i'm gonna say
your friends will never leave you
but if you don't trust me
just trust this song and hear this
(back up : huu..huu..huu..)

all the sad things and happy times
these memories kept in my mind
and we're all have been through out this time together..
so you,my friend don't you say give up
because you know it will block you up
so just wake up and hold our hands together..

this is song to a friend..

this my very 1st,enjoy it and give some sincere comments..hehe


  1. aku dok carik mne nak komen. hahahahhaah. sib baik jumpe~
    hmmm lgu ko,,,, OK!! :D
    aku tggu album bru kuar ek?!! haha

  2. haha:D weih2. kalau ade kotak LIKE, aku da tkan dah! hahakk nice:D nice:D