Saturday, March 5, 2011

Luahan Seorang Anak

Terkenangku masa lalu
kau sentiasa di sisiku
kau membelai diriku
lembut selalu..

Dengarkan ibu ayahku
lafaz kasih sayang daku
yang tak pernah henti
menagih kasihmu

Bawaku,jangan biarkan diriku
hanyut dalam kelalaian
dunia penuh dugaan

Kasihmu tersemat di dalam hatiku
selamanya ku menghargai dirimu
kan kekal selamanya...

Ku memohon pada-Mu Allah
yang Maha Esa
agar ibu bapaku
ditempatkan di syurga mulia

Agar mereka kan bahagia
selamanya di sana
di bawah rahmat-Mu
oh Tuhanku...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dream of a Queen

you're walking alone into the happy dreams
you can smell the breeze of flowers but you cannot feel
you can see an empty space right in your heart 
that it would be..
for a prince that will delight your days and dreams
ho wo wo..

once you met your prince your sadness will gone away
but the sad thing is it's only happen in your dreams
if you want to meet your prince of your heart every day
just do like what i say and you will know
he will come to you

c/o : just close your eyes with a smile
        with the happiness in your heart
        the night is too long for you..
        you hold my hand when you sleep
        and i will be in your dream
        just think about me my queen..
        i'll be in your dream..

you can feel the happiness when you were hanging with the prince
and you really wish that this happy dreams will become a reality
but you got to know and realise that it's only just a dream
and you'll crying all the night and sleep in tears
don't be sad my queen..

Friday, December 17, 2010


The sun is shining brightly on the sky
and the moon looks so beautiful even it was far
eventhough you can't get all the meaning of this song
just hear this song and sing it all along

Put your trust to your friends in your heart and you'll never fall
just think about them and you'll never be alone
so don't let go of my hand if you want to know
so come on..

Dear friend,hear to what i'm gonna say
your friends will never leave you
but if you don't trust me
just trust this song and hear this
(back up : huu..huu..huu..)

all the sad things and happy times
these memories kept in my mind
and we're all have been through out this time together..
so you,my friend don't you say give up
because you know it will block you up
so just wake up and hold our hands together..

this is song to a friend..

this my very 1st,enjoy it and give some sincere comments..hehe